This a boring Long CV


Olivia Solis Villaverde 


born :  Havana, Cuba

current :Novi Sad, Serbia




tel: +381 62 926 8616

Address :
Zarka Zrenjanina 10
21000 Novi Sad




University Degree

2002/2008, ISDI (Superior Institute of Design) . Graduated as an Information Design specialist .




2006  History of Cuban graphic art –  Institute for Cinema Industry

2007  Information Architecture and Usability – International Institute of journalism Jose Marti

2010 SAE institute, belgrade web design and development

2013 Empowerment Lab By Robert F Kennedy Foundation , Florence.

2013 EU hackathon, Hack for your rights.


Work Experience




 Graphics for

– Festival „Havana Vieja, City in move“ lead by Isabel Bustos  

– First festival of Video Dance organised by Roxana de los Rios

Documentary „San Ernesto was born in the Higuera“ directed by Carlos Safael Solis e Isabel Santos.

 – Matraka, 

   .Visuals for the event „Electro y Caliente”

   .Visuals for the event  „Conciencia Urbana”

   .Visuals for the event “La comisión Depuradora“




– Espacio Aglutinador  independent art gallery guide by Sandra Ceballos

   . Visuals for the exhibition „Curators Go Home “

   . Catalog „Proyecto Perro“ second edition




Xoho, independent art gallery lead by Ruben Cruces

. Visuals for the exhibition „Loving u “  

. Visuals for the exhibition „How bad art are u“


-Leading of project Laislaislactiva.com – Cuban social network gathering Cuban artists all over the world.


2009 – 2010


Exit Festival 2010

  . 2010 Marketing campaign                

  . Web Design 

Converse , design and digital campaign  converse.rs

Triple Jump Group,  design of website

Cinema City, Novi Sad film festival

   . Film selector of contemporary Cubans movies selection

   . Catalog design.

Open design studio, lecture about  Cuban visual Contamination

City of Novi Sad ,  Free Internet campaign

–  ZIG Novi Sad

   .Skate Park

   .Playgrounds For Kids

   .Fitness park for kids    

  .Walking and remembering     


2011 – 2012

– Opendesignstudio, Drinkable data

– Leading of the project Opendata.rs and main designer and data miner.

– Ehibition for Opendata.rs in Share Conference 2011, and Exit 2011.



– Design and develop of website www.moderna.us

– Data visualizations for GlobeOP for the final report of 2011.

– Visual campaign for Internetrepublika.rs

– Graphic campaign and website developer for Festival Ulicnih Sviraci. 2011 – 2012



– Data visualization Google transparency Report , collaboration with Electronic Frontier Foundation

– Website and visual Identity for the festival Republika  

– Graphic campaign  Festival Ulicnih Sviraci. 2013



– Visual Identity for Altagram Gmb, Berlin Based relocation games production.

–  Graphic campaign  Festival Ulicnih Sviraci. 2014




Graphic design and pre-press.

Web design Html and Css coding. Advance in wordpress and basic understanding in  JavaScript and ActionScript.

Data visualization.

Data mining.

Video editing


Team work


Project manager